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Name: Waccamaw Factory Shoppes

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Category:Clothes, shoes, accessories, and miscellaneous
Address:3200 Pottery Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579
South Carolina
Phone:(+1) 803 / 2366152
Operation hours:Closed
Brands:Bon Worth, Capacity, Casual Male, Big & Tall, DKNY Jeans, Easy Spirit & Co., Elisabeth, Fuller Brush, Kasper A.S.L., KB Toy Outlet, Koret, L'eggs Hanes Bali Playtex, Leather Outlet, Liz Claiborne, Oneida, QVC Outlet, Rue 21, Totes, Sunglass World, Ultra Jewelers, Vitamin World, etc.
Potential savings:20 - 70%
Last update:The data has been last updated on 02/12/2011.

Rating:Outlet Center Rating
Customer rating: 3.3 out of 5 stars with 13 votes.

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Customer opinions:So far customers posted their opinion about the Waccamaw Factory Shoppes.

Waccamaw Factory Shoppes rating  M. Miller wrote on 02/19/2013:
I loved Waccamaw Stores when they were in the Indianapolis area. I wish they were still here. I still have cherished items in my home purchased from the Waccamaw store on the east side of Indianapolis. Wish you would come back.

Waccamaw Factory Shoppes rating  Denny wrote on 02/02/2013:
At this time, it got has new owners trying to bring it back to life. Hopefully they will. I live really close to it, and there's a LOT of people not even 5 minutes away. It even has the new bridge on the east side. I know it will be successful and it will bring back life to a dead area.

Waccamaw Factory Shoppes rating  Idiot in SC wrote on 10/10/2011:
FOR ANNIE LEE: Since when are south carolinians known to be idiots???? I was born and raised here have a PhD and am very intelligent. So before you make assumptions because your "second home" is "ruined" try getting to know the people who make up this wonderful town!

annie lee wrote on 09/16/2010:
For Narcie Haran: This outlet is not even there anymore. Waccamaw Pottery closed down YEARS ago. The QVC outlet is gone (my favorite) and the entire "Waccamaw Factory Outlets" is just one huge empty shell of multiple buildings. People are so stupid. Instead of tearing down trees and destroying new land, which leaves no land for wild animals to live on, they should have not built new outlet malls but used these perfectly good buildings. But South Carolinians are known to be idiots. I had a second home on the beach here. I sold it because everything is ruined down there.

Narcie Haran wrote on 01/17/2010:
I am looking for an old plastic tray that had two kitten on there, one was a bride and a groom. Can I still purchase this from Waccamaw Pottery?

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